222 Meditation Techniques

Sri Chinmoy

The Golden Shore



222 Meditation Techniques

222 guided exercises suitable for both beginners and advanced seekers who wish to explore the world of meditation.

222 Meditation Techniques by Sri Chinmoy offers a very broad selection of meditation exercises, recognising a widening, mainstream focus on meditation and mindfulness. Available from 1st September 2016.

222 Meditation Techniques is intended as a daily life manual; relevant, accessible, simple and eminently practical. It has no unnecessary philosophical trimmings but rather leads its readers directly into a world of meditation exercises from the very first page.

This Everyman’s guide to meditation contains 222 exercises, which are suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators. From breathing exercises, guided meditations and the use of mantras, to special exercises for runners, artists and musicians, ways to overcome bad habits, and even losing weight, this book offers a truly broad canvas of possibilities.

The book has an attractive design and its hardback binding allows it to stay conveniently open on the chosen page for easy reference whilst practicing.

Sri Chinmoy, a prolific writer, poet, artist and internationally renowned spiritual leader, is recognized throughout the world as one of the foremost meditation teachers of the modern era. For 37 years he was the director of the non-denominational Peace Meditations at the United Nations in New York, and he wrote and lectured extensively on spirituality and meditation.

As more and more people are exploring meditation in response to an increasingly complex and stressful world, meditation has moved from fringe to mainstream. Part of a growing awareness of holistic health in the realms of fitness, nutrition and spirituality, meditation is now amongst the fastest growing areas of interest across all levels of society and is seen as a positive, effective life skill.

Selected exercises from the book:

The vastness of the ocean

Imagine something very vast, calm and quiet. When you start meditating, feel that inside you is a vast ocean and that you have dived to the bottom, where it is all tranquility. If you can identify yourself with this vast ocean, with this flood of tranquility, then it will be extremely easy for you to meditate.

Rest and sleep

There is a yogic method of getting rest. In one second you can take the rest of fifteen minutes, half an hour or even more. How can you get that kind of rest? When you go to sleep at night, feel that your whole body from head to foot has become a sea of peace. You have become peace itself. Consciously try to feel that you are not the body, but an infinite expanse of peace. When you can consciously feel this peace, you will see that your physical body has merged with it and totally disappeared in the sea of peace. If you can do this exercise effectively, you will need very little sleep.

Getting rid of weaknesses

Before you go to sleep, write down on a piece of paper all your weaknesses. Then cross them out mercilessly. If you have jealousy, write down ‘jealousy’ on the piece of paper. Then write down all your other undivine qualities. Then cross them out as mercilessly as possible. In this way psychologically and also intuitively you will weaken these undivine forces. Just make your mind conscious that these are your enemies. This is an occult operation, but anyone can do it.

Breathe with other runners (keeping enthusiasm for long distance runners)

Another secret way, if you are running long distance, is to identify yourself with ten or even twenty runners who are ahead of you. Only imagine the way they are breathing in and breathing out. Then, while you are inhaling, feel that you are breathing in their own breath and that the energy of the twenty runners is entering into you. Then, while you are exhaling, feel that all twenty runners are breathing out your tiredness and lack of enthusiasm… The energy, which you will receive, which is nothing but enthusiasm, will let you go ten steps forward.

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Title: 222 Meditation Techniques
Author: Sri Chinmoy
ISBN: 978-3-89532-287-7
Publisher: The Golden Shore, Germany
Agent for the UK & Ireland: Blue Beyond Books
Pages: 216
Binding: hardback
Block size: 150 x 190 mm

Year of release: 2016
1. edition
Genre: MIND-BODY-SPIRIT; SELF-HELP / Meditation; Personal Growth; Spirituality
Subject: meditation; meditation techniques; guided meditations; personal growth; mantras; overcoming bad habits; growing positive qualities
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