My Life’s Soul Journey

Sri Chinmoy

Aum Publications



In a world where few feel totally at ease, Sri Chinmoy offers a plan for world and soul survival.

Sri Chinmoy’s deep love for God is known world-wide. Long revered as a spiritual force for peace at the United Nations, this humble, God-directed author asks the people of this planet to look within, to rediscover the essential truths of spirituality that have so blessed his own extraordinary life.

This book lends itself to a wide audience. Christians, Jews, Muslims and other believers will find many passages of deep insight and helpful suggestion.

Sri Chinmoy suggests that the spiritual life’s goal is self-transcendence. While man reaches up to God, God in turn reaches down to man. The connection occurs and deepens as each person aspires to open himself to the Light of God, the Will of God and a higher state of consciousness.

Paperback: 430 pages
Publisher: Aum Publications (December 1995)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0884972445
ISBN-13: 978-0884972440