Sport & Meditation – The Inner Dimension of Sport

Sri Chinmoy

The Golden Shore



Sport & Meditation: The Inner Dimension of Sport

The definitive guide to transcending our physical capacities and age limits in sport.

This is a unique book which challenges our preconceptions of our physical capacities and of the limitations of age.Sri Chinmoy is the world’s foremost authority on the connection between meditation and physical fitness, showing us how anybody can bring the power of meditation and mindfulness into their training in a very practical way.

World champions such as Carl Lewis, Tatyana Lebedeva, Tegla Loroupe, Bill Pearl and Paul Tergat share their own inner secrets and spiritual perspectives on training and competition in anecdotes peppered throughout the book.

Although today’s world-class athletes may have reached the current physical limits of the human body, the spiritual resources hidden deeper within still remain untapped. In this long-awaited book, spiritual teacher and athlete Sri Chinmoy reveals the inner dimension of sport – a dimension that everyone can use to enhance his or her physical and mental training. It is this new facet that enables us to achieve peak performance, to get more from exercise and to enjoy robust and lasting health and well-being.

Author Sri Chinmoy was a trailblazer in extreme weightlifting and challenged our very concept of impossibility. He was also a marathon, and ultramarathon, runner and exercised voraciously throughout his life, always drawing on his spiritual practice for his outer capacity. Astoundingly, he continued to transcend his own weightlifiting achievements well into his 60s and 70s.

This book shares Sri Chinmoy’s insights and offers a new perspective on the connection between sporting performance and mental and spiritual development. With detailed instructions, the author shows how meditation and spirituality can help us tap into our inner capacities and transcend all of our current notions of performance.

“Sri Chinmoy is not merely lifting a dumbbell. He is trying to lift the attitude of the world. He is showing us that when we reach for the highest through meditation, we can succeed in anything.”  Bill Pearl, World’s Best-Built Man of the Century

“Reading this book will allow you to experience a radiant and abundant awareness of how to achieve happiness.”  Tatyana Lebedeva, Olympic long jump gold medallist, 2004

“If you have the strength coming from within and the power coming from within, if you can achieve it, then you can achieve any goal that you set for yourself.”   – Carl Lewis, 9-time Olympic gold medallist

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Title: Sport & Meditation
Subtitle: The Inner Dimension of Sport
Words: Sri Chinmoy
Publisher: The Golden Shore
Agent for the UK & Ireland: Blue Beyond Books Ltd.
Pages: 200
Binding: flexi hard back
Block size: 165 x 215 mm

Year of release: 2016
1. edition
Genre: SELF-HELP / Personal Growth; SPORTS & RECREATION / Bodybuilding & Weight Training; Running; Coaching; MIND, BODY & SPIRIT / Inspiration & Personal Growth
Subject: sport; meditation; mindfulness; meditation exercise; running; weight training; sport psychology; personal growth; aging
ISBN: 978-3-89532-213-6