Meditation – Experiences of the Higher Worlds

Sri Chinmoy

Blue Beyond Books



(Sri Chinmoy’s Meditation Series, Volume II)

Many people are discovering in meditation a way to find peace of mind and a more centred focus on their true inner nature.  This book is the first of the series of volumes where spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy answers a very wide range of questions about meditation, including the meaning of different meditation experiences, how to make meditation practical and the intrinsic value of meditation.

Over the decades that Sri Chinmoy spent in the West, inspiring and instructing both his own students and the public on the art of meditation, he was approached on innumerable occasions for specific guidance. His answers have helped people from all backgrounds to learn how to meditate and to make a regular meditation practice a part of their lifestyle. This series of collections of questions and answers represents a portion of that dialogue.

Table of Contents:

  • Meditation: Pathway to the Inner World
  • Meditation: The ABCs
  • The Journey's Start
  • Techniques of Meditation
  • Prayer, Mantra and Invocation
  • The Hour for Meditation
  • The Inner and Outer Setting
  • Problems in Meditation
  • Experiences of the Higher Worlds
  • Questions and Answers on Meditation
  • Meditation and the Guru

Sri Chinmoy Author, poet, musician and spiritual leader Sri Chinmoy is recognized as an authoritative and highly regarded teacher of meditation. For 37 years he was director of the non-denominational Peace Meditations at the United Nations in New York City. He wrote and lectured extensively on the topics of meditation, happiness, health and the spiritual foundations of peace in our modern world.